An old manufacturing hall decorated for a startup

Break area

The startup where I work recently acquired a manufacturing hall in Germany. I felt it was my duty to give some soul to this building before we could move in. My challenge was to decorate with a maximum budget of 1000 euros.



After repainting the kitchen wall in white, I organized a design challenge within the company to find the perfect mural. One of my colleagues took it to heart and put her abilities to work.

Then, we installed a kitchen bought from IKEA (2 pieces). To allow people to discuss while cooking I also wanted to created a central island. Having some additional materials (aluminum profiles and wooden plank) from my engineering systems, I assembled a bar table.

On the other side of the kitchen, I envisioned a relaxing area in the startup atmosphere. Lucky for me, in the manufacturing hall we receive a lot of deliveries then tons of wooden pallets. Hence, I assembled several of them to make a L-couch that I made comfier with some pallet cushions bought at a local hardware store. I had some more pallets left so I decided to build a coffee table and a shelf for plants and books.

Finally, what would be a startup without its foosball? Taking into consideration my restricted budget, I made the choice to buy a second-hand table from Ebay.

Enjoying a coffee in the office



This area clearly had a 1960s vibe as well as the smell. After having the carpet cleaned, I absolutely wanted to bring more light in this area.

I opted for a half-painted orange wall that was pairing well with the blue of the couch I bought. On the orange section, I placed a plant shelf that I made with some old pipes and a wooden plank. I then bought a bar and coffee table from Ebay to finish the decoration.

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