Inside a private fortified castle

One thing that runs in my family is the love for ancient buildings. Several years ago my uncle took the responsibility of restoring this castle from the 17th century which was crumbling.

Historically, this castle has been ransacked during the Ligue wars and rebuild in 1632 by Charles 1st of the Châtellier. It has been built on a terrace surrounded by large moats and four towers.

Climbing the historical staircase

The first thing that you cannot miss is for sure the majestic staircase located at the entrance. This staircase is one of the oldest element of the castle, as his painted decor has been preserved since the 17th century.

At the top, a huge chandelier protected by its glass dome overhangs the staircase.

An invitation to escape

While climbing the stairs, some door frames are painted in a warm ochre that contrast extremely well with the wood. You only want one thing enter this door to discover what’s inside…

A colonial-themed suite

Each room / suite has its own theme. The one I particularly enjoyed is this well-balanced colonial decor where leather and wood are perfectly marrying the historical paintings.

Taking a bath in a fairytale

My grandmother is the family artist and the one that painted this enchanted bathroom. In this painting, you can maybe spot some details that she hid to let the bather fully explore this utopia.

A historical yet contemporary library

You cannot say that a castle is complete until it has a library. For the decor of this room, a contemporary staircase has been built to highlight the original ceiling and paintings.

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