Making your own wedding ring

For our wedding, my husband and I decided not to buy a ring from a traditional shop, but wanted to make something unique. Thanks to the Parisian wedding fair (Le salon du mariage), we found exactly what we were looking for: Les Ateliers d’Alienor.

The concept is simple and just wonderful: each partner makes the ring of the other.

We had a first meeting with our craftswoman where we defined the type of ring that we liked. I especially fancied a twisted ring whereas my husband went for a hammered ring. Then, we chose either to provide the ring material or buy it. For this special occasion, both our families wanted to contribute and provided it.

The next and final meeting was the long-awaited moment: the making of the rings. After an explanation of the different steps, off we went!

The most difficult step was the twist for my ring (which needed to be 1.5 mm thick) but fortunately enough, my husband was a pro 😉

As for me, I just had to hammer the ring as strong as I could. It was a good session to blow off some steam!

The workshop lasted about 2 hours and was wonderful. We were thoughtfully guided by our craftswoman through the different steps while performing all of the actions ourselves.

We liked it so much that we even did it twice! Our wedding rings were stolen at our apartment and we had to remake them some months before the wedding… However, the workshop was a nice opportunity to share a special moment together before the wedding rush and our rings are definitely unique!

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