My 100% DIY sewing Christmas

I always wanted to learn how to sew. I then decided to take some online classes during those lock-downs on Modesty Couture (in French). The course is divided in several modules and one of them focus on accessory making. I loved it so much that I wanted to make my own creations for this Christmas. I had to prepare one month in advance because my family is gigantic and I didn’t want to forget anyone.

I gathered some of the creations I made and if you are inspired by them, you’ll find online tutorials to guide you 🙂

A floral cushion

I made this envelope cushion cover for my grandmother who loves flowers. It was one of my first creations as the sewing pattern is relatively simple. I found the fabric at Quilt u. Textile Art in Munich and absolutely loved it! I then bought a 40×40 cm cushion at H&M Home.

The Jungle collection

If you know me, you should know that I love a nice jungle print. I was shopping at Roly Poly in Munich when I found those amazing fabrics and I had to use them!

This envelope clutch design was a bit more advanced than the cushion cover but certainly makes an impression. The front leopard fabric is actually a pocket where you can store all your little things.

The pattern was provided by Modesty Couture but you can find another similar pattern on Better Homes & Gardens.

Who doesn’t love a convenient tote bag?

In addition, the making of this accessory really helped me practice my lining, pocket sewing and handles making. The sewing pattern is not complex and you can really let your creativity run wild 😉

The final accessory of this jungle collection was a gym bag. For this one, I used a sewing kit from Roly Poly that I found extremely convenient. You just need to select which fabric pairing you like and the pack provides you everything you need including the strings. It is also possible to buy the sewing pattern (in German) in addition. As my German was (and is still) not really on point, I followed a similar one here.

A protective snake

For my aunt who likes to travel, I had the idea of a vanity case to store her toiletries and/or makeup. The sewing pattern was easy to follow although I didn’t make it easy as I sewed a vynil handle on a faux leather (here for French speakers).

I want something blue…

My grandmother’s friend is passionate about photography but he didn’t have anything to protect his camera. A camera bag was then an obvious choice for him. I made sure that the lining and neck strap were correctly padded. I followed a French tutorial on L’Univers de Zibuline but you can find another design explained in English here.

I find it always difficult to think about gift ideas for men so I didn’t know what to make for my younger cousin. Fortunately for me I came across this online tutorial for a toiletry bag (you can also use this one for French speaker). In addition, I had bought a permeable fabric (wax cloth type) just before at Quilt u. Textile Art.

Finally, my older cousin is always carrying her Ipad around for drawing but also didn’t have a protective case. I wanted to make a design that was classy yet useful. Sewing a lined zipped front pocket was a first for me and I didn’t really consider that the inside padding would change my original dimensions (so I had to redo this accessory).

However I was really happy with the final result and the wavy vynil handles are definitely giving the classy vibe I was hoping for. You can find an easier tutorial here.

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