Part 1 – Our civil wedding in Paris

You must be wondering why I wrote three different articles on our wedding. The explanation is simple: we didn’t want the moment to end and continued celebrating with our family! Hence, we divided the wedding in three parts (two weekends, two different locations): a civil wedding, a rehearsal dinner and a laic ceremony. However, until the last moment we really thought that we would not be able to respect our decision because of the pandemic. In the end, we were especially lucky!

Before moving to Munich, we lived some time in Paris V and wanted to get married in this beautiful district.

Bride and groom preparation

The night before our wedding we slept in a marvelous hotel in the 5th district called the Monte Cristo Hotel (with a swimming pool!).

We booked the Alexandre suite which was simply magnificient ?

The suite was big enough for my husband and his groomsmens to prepare for the wedding.

As for me, I did my hairstyling myself but I privately booked a makeup salon, La loge maquillage, to prepare with my bridesmaids. This salon was a true gem: we spent a cheerful moment and our makeups were perfect!

Our theme was 1950s rock ?

My husband was wearing a three-piece tartan suit, tailor-made by XUITS in Munich, and doc martens boots.

I was wearing a corset with a tulle petticoat. To complete the look, I had a punk felt bibi with veil and a pouch bag made by Johanna Braitbart.

City hall ceremony

Once we were ready, we met the guests at the city hall of the 5th district, just in front of the Pantheon.

The ceremony was short but sweet in a historical location. We were only allowed 20 guests in the city hall so we decided to stream a Facebook live to share this amazing moment.

A time for two

Before heading to the venue, we took some time with our photograph Luc Bertrand to fully live this moment as newly weds. We stopped at the Luxembourg garden and made a quick stop at the Eiffel tower.

For this special day, we had booked a Citroen 2CV Charleston on the rental website Getaround.

Time to celebrate!

Then, it was time to meet with our guests at our venue, an atypical loft located in the Alma and called l’Atelier Eiffel. The loft is beautiful, shimmering with sunlight thanks to its large glass canopies.

Even if we are not from Bordeaux originally, we love the cannelés, especially those made by Aux deux cannelés. It was thus an obvious choice for us to pick them as our caterer.

We selected five of their salty canelés (Greta, Farouk, Hulk, Michèle, Clément) and four of their sweet ones (Charlot, Romain, Bradley, Framboise). It was incredibly tasty and we had absolutely no leftovers!

A big thank you to all our service providers who have accompanied us in this wonderful adventure!

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