Part 3 – A bohemian chic celebration in Provence

For this last celebration, we stayed in the marvelous venue of Les Domaines de Patras in Solérieux.

Groom and bride preparation

My bridesmaids and I chose to get prepared in the loft under the professional hands of Cathy (hairstyling) and Valérie from l’Institut Rose Poudré. It was a nice moment to share and we even had sweets and champagne offered from our wonderful hosts Kety and Sarah.

My husband decided to get ready in the main house with his groomsmen.

Ceremony in the shadows of the trees

Once everybody was ready, it was time to head for the ceremony under the trees.

My aunt was our wedding officiant. Even though, she didn’t have a license (as it doesn’t exist in France), it was a magical time to fully enjoy the ceremony and make it more personal. To that extent, we also asked our close friends and my cousin Diane to sing for the arrival and transitions.

We also included a very personal ritual as we had already exchanged our wedding rings the weekend before: the sealed wine ritual (typically French you would say 😉 ).

The concept was simple:

  • Before the wedding we chose two nice wine bottles that can age well and bought a lovely wooden box;
  • We prepared our vows in which we talked about our feelings and our story together.
  • During the ceremony, we read our vows to one another and slipped them in the box;
  • Finally, we sealed our box with a nail and a hammer.

We selected a bottle that we could open 5 years after our wedding and another to be opened after 10 years. When we will open the box, we will read again our vows by drinking our nice wine 🙂

A special moment in the lavender fields

Before going back to our guests, we escaped a little while in the lavender fiels to share a nice moment together. I think that it’s very important to plan this in a wedding as it allows you to really take some quality time with your partner and a wedding goes so fast!

Cocktail in the courtyard

Then, it was time for us to meet our guests in the courtyard to enjoy a nice cocktail. We arrived from the back and went down the stairs, dancing on ‘You’re the first, the last, my everything’ from Barry White.

The cocktail was prepared by Helen Traiteur and was wonderful. The funny (but not so funny) story is that our previous caterer ran away with our money a few months before the wedding! Fortunately for us, Helen Traiteur accepted to cater our wedding and I would say that the food was even better ❤️

To complete the ambiance, our DJ offered us to do a vynil workshop. It was really interactive and the guests loved it as they could select the vynils from the boxes and have them played by our DJ.

Dinner and party

The dinner was set up under the barn and the space was extended using a nomad tent. The atmosphere was simply magical.

Before our wedding, we practiced several month our Argentinian tango to offer the best choreography to our guests. I had the good idea of changing my outfit before as I had to throw my leg in the air a lot!

A big thank you to all our service providers who have accompanied us in this wonderful adventure!

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