As I am a true design interior aficionado, I take every occasion to perfect my home, even though it can get on the nerves of my husband sometimes 😉

A trip through my urban jungle

Because of the pandemic, a trip abroad was sadly out of question. Hence, to cope with this restriction I wanted to find a way to escape in my own home.

Having an engineering background, I am really fond of the industrial vibe. In order to create this specific atmosphere, I placed a brick wallpaper on the bigger wall as well as in some of the corners. I also kept in mind that putting raw materials like concrete, aluminum, iron and wood was also the best way to achieve this design goal.

As for the items, I always buy second-hand on Ebay or at local resale stores. It is truly amazing the amount of gems you can find! For example, I bought an old sideboard that the owner wanted to throw away as it was extremely dirty and rusty. I took some time to restore it with an appropriate paint and wood stain and I was extremely happy with the result.

The pairing of two different styles is always a bit difficult but sometimes you just need to take the risk and see if it works. If it doesn’t just start again 😉 The industrial and jungle decor is a pairing that usually works well. Once I had the industrial vibe created, I included some details to complete the urban jungle decor: I added a lot of plants, an old suitcase, wicker items and tried to find some elements that were working with both atmosphere.

In addition, I wanted this room to be as joyful as possible. To that extent I had the idea to paint some walls using ‘tropical’ colors (green and pink clay). However, I like atypical things so I created a geometric pattern for this painting to make it edgier.

One thing you should know about me is that empowering women is a subject that I hold dear. It was then obvious for me to create a symbolic wall embodying femininity.

The other really important item for me is of course my boxing bag!

My cats are also two electric batteries. I had to find a way to occupy them that’s why I decided to create their own playground.

I cut an old wine box that I decorated with the same wallpaper I used in the entrance to echo the jungle vibe. I then placed several wooden shelves and I bought a pipe at the local hardware store to create a tunnel.

Finally, I bought a scratching post and cat hammock on Amazon.

My hidden treasures

When I first visited this apartment I noticed a perfect place: a closet. The previous tenants used it to store their cleaning products but I saw right away the potential of this small room.

Which woman never dreamt of having a walking closet?

Taking advantage of a long corridor

The typical Munich apartments are usually designed all in length. Our bedroom and living room are separated by a 30m long corridor. When we first arrived we had the impression that rooms on both ends of the corridor were kilometers apart.

To efficiently decorate the corridor and remove the long and narrow atmosphere I followed some basic rules: paint the back wall and the front wall with the same color.

Having a long corridor is finally an advantage because I could create my personal photo and art gallery.

Minty kitchen

For the kitchen, I wanted to give a fresh look like a garden. The previous tenant had already installed a minty backsplash behind the sink. Lucky for us, we found the same painting color and decided to design an eating/bar alcove on the opposite side by extending the color until the ceiling. I am also quite fond of cement tiling bu

A small getaway inside the city

Being able to relax on the balcony is really a luxury during this never ending pandemic. Hence, I wanted to make it the most welcoming and cozy as possible.

I had some old tropical curtains that I sewed and upcycled into cushions covers. Then, I added lights, plants and flowers wherever it was possible.

A relaxing bathroom

The bathroom was originally the place with almost no soul: all white and tiling everywhere. I wanted to bring some colors and joy into this room. I decided to use a light pink on the front and back walls of the bath. For me, the pink and green pairing is working great. Hence, I added some plants to complete the vibe and to echo with the living-room.

Velvet dreams

The last room I will talk about is of course the bedroom.

In this room, I had the idea to create a dramatic and inviting atmosphere, almost like a boudoir. Hence, I used the perfect material for this ambiance: velvet.

I reused the same dark blue color as in the corridor but I contrasted it with a heavy pink in the middle. The bedroom being a bit small, I decided not to paint the whole wall with those colors but only the bed headboard. Finally, to make it look like an alcove, I extended this painting until the ceiling as the room has an high ceiling.

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